Gel Polish Reviews


I just wanted to let you know how amazing I think Gel II is. I’ve been a CND Shellac girl for pretty much three years but since trying Gel II I am now a Gel II girl. My nails are in better condition than they were with Shellac and the product last so much longer on me. My clients are also blown away.

Kate Dix

I love the quality of Gel II gel polish and the pigment for the colors are just right. I own about 50 of there colors and will buy more .Thank you now my nails are long and strong.

Cat A.

It’s day 3 right now and my nails are definitely still looking great, I think I’m starting to get addicted to soak-off gel!

HONG Kong Magazine, Eyelyn Lok (Lifestyle Editor)

I really love your reaction colors. Every where I go, I tell people about them. I made a vine video showing my nails being held under hot and cold water and many people have liked and revined it too.

Nakia R.

LOVE, LOVE the reaction colors!!! I didn’t like the warm color at first of the Tahiti Sweetie but it has grown on me and now buying more colors..I do like the how thin it looks and feels on my nails..Very cool. You guys are onto something great here!

Sharice S.

I have tried tons of different gel systems and I have to say, yours stays on the best. I am an avid gardener and I have not one chip or peel on these nails after days and days!

Lisa D.

I saw your booth at the Toronto Show (April 28, 29), Rose was doing a demo on someone and I was questioning her about the product. She explained that there was NO base, primer or bonder needed, which was good for me as it saves me time doing nails. (interested at this point to know more) Rose did some nail art on my finger to show me how true the colours are and wow, the black is really black, I was soo impressed I bought 25 colours and brought over some friends who also bought 10+ colours!! After the show, I went home and tried to pick and peel it off, it definitely stayed on. I am very pleased with this gel and will be using this on my clients for sure.


I LOVE the nail polish! It’s great and I love the color. I will have to take a look at what color I want next. Your product is great!

Crystal G.

I just wanted to say how much I LOVE this product. I’ve used many different gel polishes and Gel ll is by far the BEST!! I’ve gotten the most compliments on my nails since using your product. The color selection is awesome. This product does not chip and it doesn’t bubble when curing. It can take a beating. I cant ever go back to acrylics or traditional gels. My clients and I thank you for making such an awesome product!!!!

Sandy K.

I used Gel II for the first time yesterday and I LOVED the application! Looking forward to seeing more from your company!

Hillary H.

Loving your product! My first mani using Gel II. I have tried most Soak off gels out there and this one is awesome in quality and formulation!

Classy Elegant Nails

I just can’t say enough about how much I loved using your product. I have used basically every gel polish on the market right now, and I have never encountered a gel polish that is so thin, yet so strong! I have gotten so many compliments on my Chocolate Cream manicure that I posted on your Facebook page this week. I also picked up your Lightning Orange color and I plan on trying it out this weekend. Thank you so much for creating such a fabulous product! I look forward to seeing more from you all!

Hillary C.

Gel II Between Us. This color has such an amazing glow to it! I’m loving this brand of gel polish!

Vanessa’s Nails

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, did I say LOVE this product!!! I have used other gel polishes and none of them were worth it, but Gel II is the best on the market!! It stays on my nails for 3 weeks sometimes 4 weeks!! It’s Amazing!! I can’t wait for more colours!!

Julia R.

I have purchased several gel products for my salon did not like any of them. Almost just gave up on offering this service until I I cam across Gel II I am so happy and truly amazed by what a wonderful easy product. The colors are rich and vibrant it really wears as you promise .I finally have a product that I can work on my clients and still have beautiful nails my self Thank You I have fourteen colors and will be adding more soon.


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