Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gel II®?

Gel II® is an extraordinary two-step soak of gel polish. Outshining the competition by making a non-solvent and base coat free gel system that won’t harm your natural nails. Fused with essential vitamins and minerals to help promote nail growth and strength. Gel II® is so strong in itself that it will last for weeks; that is, if you can last that long without trying out a new color every week.

How is Gel II® Applied?

Buff, polish, illuminate! Check out our helpful videos or head to our Education Section to get easy application and fast removal steps.

How long does Gel II® last?

Gel II® is chipping away at the competition with a gel polish that can last as long as 3 weeks! Chip free and glossy as can be you’ll be ready to try out a new Gel II® color before your manicure grows out.

How is Gel II® different from other gels?

Wave good-bye to base coats and harmful solvents! Unlike other gel polishes today, Gel II® doesn’t have a base coat and is an easy two-step application process. Gel II® is enriched with vitamins and minerals to help nails grow stronger and healthier. While the gel is on, your nails will have a chance to grow longer and won’t be exposed to everyday wear and tear. In an added benefit, our Gel II® Remover is safe on your nails and fingers unlike the 100% acetone it takes to scrape off other gels.

Will Gel II® damage my nails?

Don’t fret! Gel II® is not harmful to your natural nail. It’s formulated to enrich nails and while the gel is on nails are stronger and healthier! The entire Gel II® line is made to ensure nail health and not destroy the natural luster of nails.

How many colors does Gel II® have?

Sparkle, shine, bold and bright! Gel II® has more than 185 stylish colors to add color to your life! Be sure to check back frequently because we have new collections with dashing new colors debuting throughout the year. These new collections along with all our other gels can be found at our distributors all over the world.

Where can I buy Gel II®?

Buy, buy, buy! Buying Gel II® is easy! You can visit any of our distributors who carry our selection. To find a distributor click here. You can also go to to browse our amazing selection of 140 chic colors. We are continuously updating our palette with new and exciting shades that will surely inspire!

Why doesn’t Gel II® need a basecoat?

Gel II® does not need a separate base coat because we have developed a patented non-solvent coating that is integrated in the gel polish. The coating acts like a base coast without the solvent.

Can Gel II® be applied to Acrylic Nails?

Paint the town red! Yes, Gel II® can be applied to acrylic nails because there are no harsh chemicals or acids in our gel.

Is Gel II® safe to use during and after Pregnancy?

Baby, oh baby! Gel II® is non-solvent and should not be harmful to either mother or child during or after pregnancy.

What is the most effective way to remove Gel II®?

The most effective way to remove Gel II® is to buff the nails first spending extra attention with the buffing block around the tips of the nail. Gel II® adheres itself to the nail more securely around the tip. So make sure to give a little extra attention to the tip area of the nail and you will see the gel remove much easier and much quicker. After buffing the nail apply acetone to a cotton ball and place over the nail and wrap in foil, do this to each nail tip and let the nails sit for 5-10 minutes. After the time has expired use a cuticle pusher and work the nail pushing the gel from the base of the nail towards the tip. Gel II® should remove easily from the nail.

Are Gel II® colors and top coat interchangeable with other products?

We encourage every customer to use our entire line of Gel II® products. They are formulated to compliment each other throughout the entire manicure process from application to soak off. If the Gel II® top coat is not used with Gel II® gel polish we cannot guarantee the quality of the product.

How quickly can Gel II® soak off?

Gel II® soaks off in less than 10 minutes. For a faster soak time wrap a hot towel around your hands during soak.

How long does Gel II® take to cure?

Living life in the fast lane! Gel II® cures in 60 seconds under the Gel II® LED lamp. The thinner you apply the better your manicure.

Why is my manicure experiencing “shrink back”?

You don’t want shrinkage and neither do we! To achieve the best Gel II® Manicure possible we recommend that the proper steps be put into practice before applying the gel polish to the nail. First be sure to only use an LED lamp. Be sure to buff all nails completely with a 180-grit buffing block. Cleanse nails thoroughly to rinse away oils and residue that can cause shrink back. LED lamp cure time is 60 seconds per coat.We appreciate the opinion of our customers and are always looking to improve our products for your use. If you have any comments or questions about or products please feel free to contact us!

Why are my nails dull after curing?

Be sure to wait 5 seconds after curing before you begin cleansing.

Do you have to use a Top Coat?

Yes, after applying your Gel II® color (2 coats) you will need to apply 1 thin layer of Gel II® Xtreme Shine Top Coat. Unlike other gel top coats our Xtreme Shine seals and protects your gel mani and helping it to last for up to 21 days. It outshines and outlasts the rest! Gel II® Xtreme Shine Top Coat is a “Universal” top coat and can be used on any gel system to get the most out of your gel mani.

Can I Use Any Brand of Top Coat?

We recommend using Gel II® Xtreme Shine Top Coat! We cannot guarantee the quality of the manicure or the soak off time if our top coat is not used with our gel polish. Gel II® Xtreme shine is the ultimate addition to your kit because it helps to seal and protect your manicure from chipping for up to 21 days and has 2X the shine of any other top coat! The mirror finish and strength of Xtreme Shine will not add to your soak off time. Gel II® soaks off easily in 10 minutes!

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